The Invisible Killer – Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a common threat during the winter months. Read Moreā€¦

Tools of the trade

A moisture meter is a specialized tool that home inspectors use frequently. I often use the moisture meter in attic spaces while viewing the roof sheathing and in bathrooms and laundry rooms (moisture can't be covered up with paint). It's good to know the condition of the wet areas before a home purchase.

Is your water heater safe?

While performing a home inspection I came across a water heater with a draft diverter not properly secured (see photo). Water heater venting systems are designed to moderate vent temperatures and control exhaust velocity by mixing room temperature air with hot exhaust gases.
In other words, this is d-a-n-g-e-r-o-u-s to occupants of the home.

Pre-Listing Inspection

Why get a Pre-List Inspection in a seller's market.
It’s a seller’s market and most everyone knows it, including buyers. As demand grows and inventory drops buyers are using every trick in the book to get a contract. One clever tactic puts a home under contract at full price, only to strong arm a seller down on the sales price using the Inspection Objection Deadline and the subsequent days off market.
When buyers request repairs or a price reduction (based on these repairs) the seller has to scramble to get bids to determine the acceptable price reduction or repairs. Should the seller refuse the buyer’s price reduction or repairs the property goes back on the market. The next buyer wonders why the home is back on market and will be more concerned with the condition, thus starting the cycle over again. This tactic puts the buyer in a strong negotiating position, one that could have been alleviated with a pre-list inspection.
Pre-list inspections start at $175 and include all visible and accessible systems and components of the home (same as a buyer's inspection!), with a written report of all findings provided within 24 hours.


What's in your crawlspace?

Crawlspaces aren't the most awesome places to explore, but I recommend you get to know yours if you have one.
While performing an Annual Home Maintenance Inspection this weekend I asked the owner about the last time he changed the furnace filter (located in the crawlspace). His response: "I don't think I have a furnace

Having Inspection Connection, LLC do an annual home inspection on your home is a great way to learn more about your home and stay on top of the important maintenance that needs to be done. For many your home is your biggest investment, we can help you determine what needs to be done to maintain value.